About Us

The Copperfield Tail Blazers is owned and operated by the mother and daughter team, Carie Wiens and Holly Montgomery. 


Sarah - Manager 

Sarah is our store manager, and she’s been working at our location since 2010!

Sarah has always had an interest in nutrition and alternative medicine, and she expanded her interest into the pet world when her dog Kai entered her life.

Open Farm is Sarah’s favourite brand due to their high quality and ethical standards - like being certified humane, using organic produce and their dedication to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

Sarah’s favourite part(s) of her job are DOGGIES and being able to witness, and participate in, the amazing health transformations of our customers’ pets.

When Sarah isn’t at work, you’ll find her at Yoga, reading a good book or spending time outdoors hiking, biking or paddle boarding.

Fun Fact: Sarah is a chocolate fiend and a HUGE Fred Armisen fan!


Egypt - Assistant Manager 

Egypt is our wonderful assistant manager who has been with us since January 2020!

When she’s not working, Egypt is either spending time with her 2 senior cats, Forrest and Blue, her Great Pyrenees mix, Axwell, and her Chihuahua, Sebastian, OR she’s traveling, camping or having a blast at a music festival!

Egypt finds the most rewarding part of her job when she suggests a food or supplement for a pet, and they do really well on it. This is honestly THE BEST feeling!

Egypt loves food dispensing toys for her dogs and some of her faves include the Toppl, Kong, Tux and all of the Sodapup toys.

Fun Fact: Despite what you might think, Egypt was in fact NOT born, or conceived, in Egypt! It’s just a really cool name!

Keely - Pet Food Consultant

Keely has been working with us since 2019 and is loved by her dogs Jethro, a 10 year old pug/dashund cross, and Carly, a 3 year old bully breed mix!

When not chatting it up with our clients, Keely can be found napping, hiking or creating beautiful artworks through her business, Soul Dog Art.

Keely’s favourite part of her job is the feeling of community she shares with our customers and of course, visiting with doggos.

One of her favourite brands is Puppy Love, because it’s Alberta made and they have such a large variety of raw bones, chews, and treats. Fluff and Tuff is another favourite because their stuffies stand up to her bully mutt and they’re so cute even her skin kid has one!

Fun fact: Before working with us Keely had a hard time handling raw meat, and now she’s a raw food feeder and advocate!

Nicholette - Pet Food Consultant

2020 was a good year for our store as Nicholette also started in 2020!

Nicholette has a puppy named Jersey, and she loves to paddle board on her days off.

Learning about health and nutrition and helping pets live their best lives is Nicholette’s favourite part of the job. Of course, working with puppies is pretty awesome too!

Nicholette’s favourite brand is Adored Beast. She loves that their supplements are pharmaceutical grade and their probiotics have such a high number of colony forming units (that’s a good thing!). Jersey does amazing on their supplements!

Fun fact: When Nicholette was young, she switched from being left-handed to right-handed every month for a whole year until she finally landed on being left-handed!

Trystan - Pet Food Consultant

Trystan has been a pet food consultant with us since 2020. 

Trystan really loves dogs, and meeting them is his favourite part of the job! He’s got a dog of his own at home named Ronin that is pretty much his child. 

When Trystan isn’t working, he enjoys touring the local parks with Ronin. He also loves collaborating with his buddies on various side projects and gaming. 

Trystan’s favourite products are Carnivora raw food, tripe from Bold by Nature, and ALL of the milks - Primal, Happy Days or Open Farm - doesn’t matter. He’s also a fan of the Fluff & Tuff stuffies. He says they're a “truly tuff fluff”. 

Fun Fact: Trystan has got us ALL beat because his dog, Ronin, has his very own bank account!