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If you want to attract colorful finches, then this is the perfect feeder for you! The Pacific Bird 20" Nyjer® Tube Feeder is a magnet for bright-colored finches and other small songbirds, such as chickadees, siskins, and repolls. 

Use delectable, oil-rich Nyjer® seed to draw beautiful goldfinches to your garden. For additional information on Nyjer® seed, as well as optimal feed and feeder pairings, please visit our FAQ page.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Simply open top and fill with Nyjer® seed. It is recommended that this feeder be hung or pole-mounted approximately five feet above the ground. 

INSTRUCTIONS FOR CARE: To maintain a healthy feeding environment, clean feeder every two weeks with a mild soap and warm water solution. Not dishwasher safe. 

Benefits include: 

  • Quick open top makes filling easy 
  • Holds approximately two pounds of delicious Njyer® seed
  • An attractive design to complement a beautiful backyard environment
  • With six perches and feeding portals, many birds can feed at once
  • Feeder comes with a large hanging ring compatible with all hanging accessories
  • Monitor the seed level through clear, plastic windows

Feeding Hints: 

  • Keep feeders filled year-round
  • Provide a source of fresh water
  • Place feeders near cover-trees or shrubs
  • Clean feeders regularly

Size: 5.75" x 5.75" x 24.50". Net Wt.: 16.374oz.Built-in pole socket is compatible with ½" threaded base.